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Green grow the dollars

14 November, 2008 (09:41) | Energy savings, Housing, Policy, Tax credits, US News |

Green is the new black, for three reasons identified by The Economist:  A green-home boom is getting under way, thanks to:   1.  Rising energy prices   And rising …   2.  New standards (the European Union’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, Britain’s Code for Sustainable Homes and California’s Green Building Standards Code, to name […]

Counting kilowatts

2 August, 2007 (09:43) | Economics, Energy savings, US News |

  Give people choices, and by golly they’ll make them — and maybe make better ones than you’d expect.     That’s the implication behind this story on a novel approach to utility consumption and payment described in this story from The Wall Street Journal:   Peter and Suzanne Price haven’t paid a monthly electricity […]