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House me, house my dog?

2 April, 2012 (09:32) | Apartments, Co-ops, Condominiums, Dogs, High-rise, Housing, New York City, Pets, Rental |

By:David A. Smith   At present, the master is not at home   For all that we love dogs – and the people who love dogs, love dogs – they are poorly designed for city living, unlike cats, whose sublime superior indifference lends itself well to ignoring their owners and any guests (except, of course, […]

Dog bites wallet; wallet bites dog

23 June, 2006 (09:28) | Dogs, Insurance, Pets, Risk |

What defines a household?  Does the definition extend to animals kept as pets?   For housing, including affordable housing, the question is more than idle.  Pets, particularly dogs, are more than an accoutrement: for many, especially the elderly, they are a source of emotional strength — and that, in turn, translates into health, well-being, and […]