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It’s not the fee, it’s the split

6 July, 2012 (10:09) | Brokers, Consumer protection, Disclosure, Home sales, Homeownership, RESPA, Supreme Court |

By:David A. Smith   Any time we do something infrequently that others do every day, we’re at an information disadvantage that the experts can exploit against us – that is, if they’re unscrupulous.    Don’t judge a crook by his painter? Todd White’s The Unscrupulous   All consumer-protection statutes thus take as their basis the […]

Square foot, square deal

23 February, 2011 (10:57) | Apartments, Condominiums, Disclosure, Housing, Markets, New York City, Regulation, Rental | 1 comment

By: David A. Smith   Markets love numbers, because they enable quick comparisons, and as a result we too easily fall into the trap of thinking single indicators stand for everything (AAA rating, anyone?).  But they don’t, even if quantifying something prosaic, as illustrated by this pedestrian (pun) story from The New York Times:   […]

You can check out any time you like

2 September, 2009 (13:24) | Condominiums, Disclosure, Hotels, Securities, Trump |

When you buy a slice of a property, is it real estate or is it a financial security?    Bring your alibis   Resolving such legal-metaphysical questions controls what recourse a buyer may have against a seller, and when the disputes involve thousands of buyers, the outcome can run to centimillions if not billions of […]

Home buyer disclosure: things I must tell you

29 March, 2007 (09:40) | Disclosure, Homeowners, Policy |

Even as it is a major purchase, a home is also a complex asset — both financially and physically — and to that end, government has a vested interest in professionalizing markets, in part through consumer protection — and that begins with disclosure.   We’re here to tell you some things that may interest you   As the […]