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The specter of hyperinflation

20 February, 2013 (09:30) | Capital markets, Currency, Democracy, Dictatorship, Economics, Egypt, Housing, Hyperinflation, Inflation |

By:David A. Smith   Having worked in Egypt multiple times over the last eight years, I have good professional colleagues and friends in Cairo, so I’ve followed attentively the nation’s turmoil after newly elected President Mohammed Morsi started his campaign of grabbing power.  Whatever the politics of it (and I’ve been in the Middle East […]

Vertical slums

21 January, 2011 (11:13) | Dictatorship, High-rise, Housing, Slums, Venezuela |

By: David A. Smith   Such is the resilience and innovation of humanity that, even as Hugo Chavez methodically destroys Venezuela (In pursuit of what, exactly? Does anyone know?), people make lives out of the ruins.  As objectively reported by the BBC:   The views from the 20th floor of the Confinanza Tower are among […]