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“All is well!”

3 January, 2017 (09:00) | Banking, China, Currency, Global news, Markets, Speculation |

   By: David A. Smith   When it gets away from your control, it can get away quickly, and everything you do to keep it under control just makes everyone more skittish, more eager to get away.  Judging from a year-end article in the Wall Street Journal (December 29, 2016), such a tipping point may […]

The specter of hyperinflation

20 February, 2013 (09:30) | Capital markets, Currency, Democracy, Dictatorship, Economics, Egypt, Housing, Hyperinflation, Inflation |

By:David A. Smith   Having worked in Egypt multiple times over the last eight years, I have good professional colleagues and friends in Cairo, so I’ve followed attentively the nation’s turmoil after newly elected President Mohammed Morsi started his campaign of grabbing power.  Whatever the politics of it (and I’ve been in the Middle East […]

Might as well outlaw doubt

28 September, 2012 (09:15) | Africa, Angola, Capital, Currency, Ghana, Global news, Inflation, Markets, Money, Policy, Regulation, Zambia |

By:David A. Smith How confident are you?   Among the many reasons that money, that is the portable and numerical denomination of freely tradable symbols of value, is one of humanity’s greatest inventions (mathematics is discovered, money was invented) is its power to rebalance power between questionable rulers and poor people – and, as shown […]