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IUHF: the world watches Washington

7 October, 2008 (08:08) | Capital markets, Conferences, Global news, IUHF, Subprime, US News |

“Yawning is contagious,” I told the International Union of Housing Finance (IUHF) audience.  “Sneezing is contagious.  As we saw last night at the boma dinner, dancing is contagious.”  Small chuckles.  “Drinking is contagious.”  Larger chuckles.  “Risk-taking is very contagious.  And for a decade or so, the world has been drunk with risk-taking, and become de-sensitized to […]

The Bellagio Housing Declaration

8 July, 2005 (17:06) | Affordable Housing, AHI, Conferences |

Over the course of four extraordinarily intense days in May, at the Rockefeller Foundation’s conference villa in Bellagio (Como), Italy, a small hand-picked group of housing policymakers from four countries (Kenya, Mexico, South Africa, and Thailand), together with global experts, came together to examine two core issues which our framing paper had highlighted as critical […]