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Paradise future? Part 2, operations

12 January, 2009 (10:16) | Chapter 40B, Co-housing, Concepts in housing, Housing, Innovations, Local issues, Massachusetts, Tenure, Zoning and land use | 6 comments

[Continued from yesterday’s Part 1.]   Yesterday’s exploration of the interesting experiment of co-housing, based on a sympathetic Boston Globe account, had reached the point of a completed development, using as an anti-snob crowbar the powerful lever of Massachusetts’ Chapter 40B law to produce a development that the founders swear up down and sideways ‘will’ […]

Political zugzwang and the OMB passback

29 November, 2005 (10:24) | Concepts in housing, Finance, Local taxation |

A few weeks back, the Administration made a puzzling move whose deftness is becoming clearer the more I reflect on it.  By tabling a proposal to overhaul the tax code, the Administration has placed many other political players into political zugzwang: whatever they do, the Administration gains.   In chess, the German word zugzwang (“compulsion […]