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Pulling a Cyrus for City Hall?

24 September, 2013 (10:38) | Architecture, Boston, City Hall, Elections, Hastert, Housing, Land use, Martin J. Walsh, Politics, Urban development, Zoning |

By:David A. Smith   With a handful of days to go before the Boston mayoral primary, candidate Marty Walsh has just pulled a Cyrus, a neologism I’ve just coined to describe someone who shamelessly grabs the spotlight in a crowded field:   Worked, didn’t it?   Candidate Walsh’s announcement got him the front page of […]

The box the building came in

13 April, 2012 (09:39) | Architecture, Boston, Brutalism, Cities, City Hall, History | 1 comment

By:David A. Smith   With Boston City Hall turning fifty, the Boston Globe (February 12, 2012) decided now would be a good time for writer Leon Neyfakhto argue that somehow the spark that triggered Boston’s revival, and is today its guiding spirit, was this ugly concrete structure:   City Hall design, 1962: you’ll like it […]