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­­Month in Review: December, 2013

17 January, 2014 (09:00) | Children, China, Cities, Detroit, Homes, Housing, Informal, Month in review, Municipal bankruptcy, Slums |

By: David A. Smith   [Previous Months in Review available here: Nov 13,Oct 13, Sep 13, Aug 13, Jul 13, Jun 13, May 13, Apr 13, Mar 13, Feb 13, Jan 13,]   I don’t actually enjoy writing detailed expositions of bad news and human foolishness; reporting hardship and failure and loss is depressing, yet […]

Interoperability creates innovation

15 May, 2012 (11:01) | Children, Entrepreneur, Innovations, MEEs, NGOs, Play, Programs, Rules, Theory, US News |

By:David A. Smith   A threat to the established order?   All invention comes from building blocks, whether it is nature inventing amino acids out of atmospheric molecules, bloggers inventing posts out of words, or children inventing phantasms and improbably structures out of pieces like Tinker Toys:   Go, speed racer!   Lincoln Logs:   […]

Just discriminating against *you*

23 March, 2010 (10:50) | Children, Civil Rights, Condominiums, Discrimination, Litigation, Massachusetts |

By: David A. Smith   During one of the very late night endless card sessions of my single days, we were lacking a fourth for bridge and so settled for hearts.  With Jeff leading, I created a lead that gave Eric, playing behind Jeff, a chance to dump the queen of spades on him.  He […]