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The instant unloved city

31 July, 2013 (12:09) | charity, Cities, development finance agencies, Housing, Infrastructure, Jordan, Syria, Urbanization, Zaatari | 1 comment

By:David A. Smith   No one loves the world’s fastest growing city.  No one wants it to be where it is, and everyone wishes it did not exist.  But as reported in the Daily Mail Online (July 20, 2013), Zaatari exists, the world’s fastest growing city at least for the time being, and everyone’s willful […]

No business for amateur philanthropists: Part 1, waste

19 November, 2012 (14:05) | Celebrities, charity, Development, Disaster relief, Haiti, Housing, Non-Profits, Theory, urban redevelopment, Wyclef Jean, Yele |

By:David A. Smith   Charity is easy; work is hard; so ‘charitable work’ may be an oxymoron, and this most recent celebrity flameout demonstrates that of all the people with whom one might entrust one’s philanthropy, celebrities are surely the worst, for their fame deludes both them and us into thinking they are competent at […]