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Who’s next? Part 2, the GSEs’ buying strategy shift

23 January, 2008 (09:46) | Capital forms, GSEs, Markets, Subprime, US News |

[Continued from yesterday’s Part 1 .]   Yesterday, wondering who might be next in the writedown game, I hauled out a June, 2007 story from Inside Mortgage Finance that reads much more scarily now than it did back when it was first published.   Back when the only thing we had to worry about was […]

Figures don’t lie, but liars figure

13 December, 2007 (10:25) | Capital forms, Finance, Policy, Primer posts |

Homes are uniquely personal; money is uniquely impersonal.  People are emotional; markets are heartless.  When they come together — as in buying a house, or renting an apartment — the superego and id duel it out.    One of us has got to lose   Brokers know that the key to a buyer’s wallet is […]