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Why we have building codes

12 September, 2013 (09:00) | Apartments, Building Codes, Building permits, China, Earthquake, High-rise, Informality, Insurance, Risk | 1 comment

By:David A. Smith   Improvability is one of the cardinal benefits of homeownership; something about tinkering with our dwelling inspires people to invest in themselves and their families.  It’s thoroughly understandable, and in most ways commendable.    The lower door to Sam Rodia’s Watt Towers   At the same time, home improvement can become an […]

Auto-choking supply

22 July, 2005 (16:41) | Building permits, Construction, Massachusetts |

As if it were a surprise, the Boston Globe reports on a remarkably predictable fact:   Massachusetts has created new housing more slowly than almost any other state in the nation over the past four years, a key factor behind the state’s soaring home prices.   The Census reported today that the number of housing […]