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Conformity’s grandfather

23 November, 2012 (09:30) | Brooklyn, Brownstones, Commission, Historic districts, New York City, Taste police | 2 comments

By:David A. Smith   Difference? What difference?   No one would ever convict human beings of consistency; we change our minds all the time, usually because the passage of time has allowed us to realize our initial perspective was nonsense, or sometimes solely because we shifted our values or our perceptions, especially when we objected […]

One house, two house, row house, town house

5 December, 2005 (11:20) | Brownstones, Buildings, Density, Ecosystem, History, Urban issues |

What’s the difference among townhouse, row house, and brownstone?   Row house at 50 Beacon Street, Boston   It is a question that has vexed real estate brokers and lovers of urban architecture for generations: What’s the difference between a town house, a row house, and a brownstone? Boston native Kevin D. Murphy, whose book […]

Exoskeletal strictures

30 June, 2005 (10:00) | Brownstones, Buildings, New York City |

So thoroughly tongue-in-cheek is the lede of this New York Times article regarding the competition for width bragging rights:   A DREAM COME TRUE At 18 feet wide, the average town house provides luxurious space in a crowded city, but there is always the fantasy of a wider house, with three, or even four windows […]