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Jack Kemp, 1935-2009

5 May, 2009 (10:17) | Biography, HUD, Jack Kemp, Obituary, US News |

Restlessness defined Jack Kemp.  So did innovation, particularly on behalf of the underdog.  And feistiness.  (His life is detailed in this New York Times obituary.)   After graduating from a Division III college, normally an athletic platform roughly equivalent to MIT’s, he made it into professional football with the upstart American Football League.  Despite being […]

David Smith, 1918-2009

3 April, 2009 (10:00) | Biography, Co-ops, New York City, Rent control, Stuyvesant Town, Tenure | 1 comment

No, not your humble narrator – rather one of the many namesakes that we who have such a common name experience.  [I was once invited to attend a gathering of the members of the David Smith Society – no joke! – for whom there was only one qualification – to be named David Smith.  We […]