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Month in Review: April, 2013

5 June, 2013 (15:26) | Arcologies, Cambridge, Cyprus, Development, Eurozone, Global news, GSEs, Housing, Innovations, Month in review, New York City, Nonprofits, Rent control, US News |

[Previous Month in Reviews available here: Mar 13, Feb 13, Jan 13]    By:David A. Smith   Lately many of my multi-part posts have sought to make visible the linkages between things that sectoral policymakers seem to see as entirely unrelated.  Thus in the Big Apple, I connected the dots between a sudden urban interest […]

The world is the building, the building is the world

19 April, 2013 (09:00) | Apartments, Arcologies, Cities, High-rise, Le Lignon, Rental, Switzerland, Ultimate future city |

By:David A. Smith   If the world keeps urbanizing – as it will – and cities keep going ever more vertical – as they will – then the moment will come when what constitutes the city may be seen as a single building, stretching for miles across the landscape, like Isaac Asimov’s Caves of Steel […]