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14 November, 2005 (11:21) | Admin, Archives and indexes |

For those of you new to the blog, here are some popular areas to check out:   Essential posts present big-picture big ideas on affordable housing, and feature Sherlock Holmes on affordable housing finance. Primer posts deal with the building blocks of affordable housing finance, fundamentals like the cost-value gap and the economic dynamics of […]

Holmes on housing finance

19 August, 2005 (09:21) | Admin, Archives and indexes |

So far, the financial disquisitions of Sherlock Holmes on housing finance include:   The four kinds of money Soft debt: the Curious Case of the Kindhearted Banker Soft equity: the Banker Street irregulars Hard debt: Archimedes’ Thumb Hard equity: the Adventure of the Six Simoleons     And stay tuned, boys and girls, there will […]

Fannie Mae posting archive

14 April, 2005 (11:42) | Admin, Archives and indexes |

With Fannie Mae so much in the news, herewith a listing of my previous postings on its perils:   GSE reform legislation introduced: 12-Apr-05 Snow falling on Fannie: 9-Apr-05 Fannie Mae: False signatures: 8-Apr-05 GSEs: Greenspan frowns … clearly: 7-Apr-05 Fannie Mae: What will Greenspan say? 6-Apr-05 President nominates Fannie Mae board: 1-Apr 05 (note […]