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Micro-housing in the realm of the impractical

16 August, 2013 (09:00) | $300 house, Apartments, Architects, Configuration, Core house, Design, Housing, Improvable house, Innovations, Micro-housing, Renzo Piano | 1 comment

By:David A. Smith   Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses usually leaked.    A brilliant architect unconcerned with leaks   Frank Gehry’s maquettes sometimes fell over – and he designed an art museum (Otto Hall) so high-tech it was destroying the art it was built to house, and had to be demolished.    If it doesn’t work, […]

The $300 House – the value-chain challenge

26 January, 2011 (14:56) | $300 house, AHI work, Global news, Housing, Innovations, Slums |

By: David A. Smith   In the five months since Vijay Govindarajan and Christian Sarkar put up their original Harvard Business Review blog post, the concept has been picking up steam.  My post on the financial challenge led to five more posts (see box below), with a few more envisioned.         In […]

The $300 house

12 October, 2010 (15:04) | $300 house, Construction, Finance, Infrastructure, Innovations, Slums, Theory |

By: David A. Smith    [Editor’s note: this post is an illustrated reprint of The $300 house: the Financial Challenge, posted October 1, 2010 on the Harvard Business Review blog.  Readers are encouraged to go there are leave comments – David Smith.]   “If a problem cannot be solved, enlarge it.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower […]